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Catahoula Vet Clinic Staff

Here's what our customers are saying...


  •  A large part of my life living on a ranch with farm animals and pets using veterinarians, I have never know one as devoted as Dr. Kelly Hudspeth. She is truly dedicated to her profession. I had to call her at home one night around 9 o’clock pm when my little dog Bambi had a continuous seizure.  Dr. Kelly met us at her clinic where she worked with Bambi until after midnight. Later that morning she called to check on her.  Bambi had many health problems and we did not expect her to survive.  Dr. Kelly did research and worked with me until she got her on the right medications. She lived almost nine more years.
        Dr. Kelly is very thoughtful and truly cares about her patients and their owners.  I am deeply grateful to her and so glad a friend recommended her to me.  Also the ladies that  work at the Catahoula Veterinary Clinic are friendly and ready to help in any way they can.
                                                                                                                                                                    Ardith Corley

Laila and Tanner - Two of Shu Shu's babies.

  • My name is Chantel, but everyone knows me as Shu-Shu. I have entrusted my family's pet's health needs to Kelly Hudspeth for over ten years. She has been the type physician a parent loves to have for their children.  Kelly is always caring and understands the love people have for their pets making Catahoula Veterinary Clinic a great place to take your family pet for their well visits,shots, and when needed sick visits. The staff is ALWAYS compassionate and very helpful when calling for an appointment, willing to listen and will return phone calls. Reminders are mailed to the pet's family for upcoming appointments, which is very helpful.  Trust to me, is very important when choosing any physician and Kelly is one that I trust. Her knowledge of every species of the animal kingdom is amazing. The compassion she shows for the animals is very comforting and it is very evident that she loves her profession. I could continue on about how much I love the Catahoula Veterinarian Clinic and staff, but it will be so much easier for you to visit and experience the loving atmosphere for yourself.        Shu-Shu

  • Taco was the love of my life.  Quite early in life he developed an ulcer which Dr. Kelly treated and in late life he became a severe diabetic with insulin shots everyday for a year and half.  With Dr. Kelly's care I managed to keep him as a part of my life for almost 12 years.  I can honestly say, many times she went above and beyond in caring for him. She trully loves  and cares for our little furry freinds.          Dale Windham

Taco Windham

  • I am eternally grateful to Dr. Kelly and her staff for saving my little buddy's life. On Wednesday, February 23rd, I brought my corgi, Henry to Dr. Kelly's place. He was suffering from a bowel obstruction caused by ingesting a poisoned mouse. Over 18 inches of his intestinal tissues had already died. Dr.Kelly performed the surgery on Henry, accompanied him in the hyperbaric chamber, and stayed with him until late into the  night. She went above and beyond what most vets would do, and she charged me a fraction of what most vets would charge. If I had taken Henry to another vet, I would have had to put him down for financial reasons. This woman is truly a compassionate and gracious human being. As long as Henry and I live in Louisiana, he will never go anywhere else. Kathy Kirkland


Henry Kirkland

  • I am beyond thankful for the Catahoula Vet Clinic, Kelly, and her wonderful staff. My dogs and cat, who are truly members of my family, have received the best care possible from Kelly over the years. From emergencies to yearly check-ups, I can always depend on them. No matter how big or small the problem is, they won’t stop until a treatment or solution is found. They are quick to return your calls, whether it is day or night. I am extremely grateful that my pets can receive care from such a compassionate group of people. I simply wouldn’t take them to any other vet clinic. Margo Griffin

Elvis Griffin

  • We've known Kelly over 20 years, have witnessed her devotion to animals, and have benefitted from her 100 percent dedication to everything she does. The qualities that make her a loyal and caring friend have combined with her determination to become a veterinarian and provide the best care possible to every animal she treats. The award given for "Most Caring Doctor" at LSU holds true every day. She hasn't mentioned being voted the "Most Caring Family Member" by her family but that is important to know if you're looking for someone very special to treat your pet. Above all, when it comes to providing medical care, Kelly is super competent--not only in book sense, but in common sense and experience. I'm not writing all this because she is our friend but because she has treated our numerous pets through the years. Thanks, Kelly. Marcyle Taliaferro

  • I would just like to say that I have the best people taking care of my pets! Kelly and staff go above and beyond at Catahoula Vet. Clinic! My little dog Sophia is not just a pet, she is family, and I want only the BEST taking care of all her medical needs! Thank you guys for all you do! Karla McGee

Sophia McGee

  • We are so thankful for Dr. Kelly and the ladies at Catahoula Vet. They are so thoughtful and caring. Many times I have had to call Dr. Kelly afterhours and she has always been there for us. Even when it was midnight and she took us to her clinic to help with our beloved cat Al. I do not know of any other vet that is so caring when you have to have one of your animals put to sleep. We are truly blessed to have Dr. Kelly and the ladies.  Yolanda Hamlin

  • "Dr. Kelly saved my dog's life. The fawn pug in this pic was left with friends due to an emergency (death of my nephew) to deliver her puppies and stay a few weeks until the high water went down above Harrisonburg. While there she refused to eat her puppy chow so was fed human food. She developed milk fever and was seizing, nearly dead, when my daughter made it to Kelly's office. She worked with her for 4 hours to save her and sending us home with medicine and her after hours number if we needed her. That was 18 months ago. My dog is expecting again, but thanks to Kelly I will know what to do ahead of time now."  Sharon Johnson

Sharon Johnson