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Catahoula Veterinary Clinic           
            Catahoula Vet Clinic is a mixed practice which means the clinic works on large and small animals. The clinic always welcomes walk-ins( walk-ins must be worked in and wait on patients that have a scheduled appointment ) and they do accept emergencies during the day (a sick pet is considered an emergency even if it is not critical - you  will always be worked in if at all possible) . However, without an appointment, you may walk in to find that the doctor is out of the office because she does  farm calls and house calls. Appointments for farm calls and house calls should be made in advance so that the out of clinic call can be scheduled around in house appointments.  Wednesday is surgery day. Tuesday is the late day ( appointments until 6pm) for those of you who work during the week and are not able to schedule an appointment during regular office hours. Monday mornings are reserved for equine acupuncture. The clinic has stalls available so you can drop your horse off and pick up after treatment. Catahoula Veterinary Clinic is closed on the weekends and most major holidays.

Located at 2606 4th Street
Our main building
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Our Goals
  • To provide the best patient care possible.
  • To make each client feel like the only client.
  • To promote awareness of animal wellfare in the community.
  • To open our minds to all aspects of medicine for the benefit of our patients.

Dr. Kelly Hudspeth, DVM Photo by Kathy Robertson

 Dr. Kelly Hudspeth, DVM
  In 2007, Dr. Kelly Hudspeth was diagnosed with colon cancer. She spent the fall in Houston, Tx and received radiation and chemotherapy at MD Anderson. In early 2008, Dr. Hudspeth had surgery as the last phase of treatment. She was placed on 3 month check-ups until October of 2010. On March 2011, she was placed on 6 month check-ups and continues to go to MD Anderson every 6 months.
             Dr. Hudspeth believes this information is important to pass on to her clients because she is a firm believer that God can make lemonade out of the lemons if allowed to work in a person's life. She has integrated many of the treatments she received into her practice. One example of this is the small animal hyperbaric chamber. Dr. Hudspeth received such great benefits from the hyperbaric chamber that she wanted to be able to offer it to her patients and in the spring of 2009, the clinic added it to the services offered. She also had plenty of time the fall she received treatment to explore other aspects of medicine. Dr. Husdpeth became very interested in the art of acupuncture and has studied so that she can offer that service also. At this time, she is mainly concentrating on Equine accupuncture. The clinic also offers high dose vitamin C treatments to their cancer patients and have had some good results. There are no limits to the areas Catahoula Veterinary Clinic is willing to explore to provide better care to their patients.
            Since Dr. Hudspeth's diagnosis of cancer in 2007, the clinic has not been open on Saturday, and Sunday is reserved for church. Her weekends are spent now with her family. She will usually be found at a play day, rodeo, or family gathering somewhere. Although the office is not "open", Dr. Hudspeth is always available on weekends to take care of the patients she has hospitalized.
            A quote form Dr. Hudspeth, "I love what I do. I wanted to be a veterinarian since childhood. I have a wonderful staff that works with me as well as my family from time to time. We all love animals and have chosen to make them a big part of our lives in one way or another."

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Dr. Kelly Hudspeth, DVM




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